About Us

Andy’s Angels with founded by Kayla Shepherd and her daughter Millie.

Millie’s dad Andy died suddenly on the 28th September 2017 and during their grief journey Andy’s wife Kayla and daughter Millie found ways to support their own grief and each other’s, through counselling and art therapy.

When Millie turned 10 years old her grief changed and it was then that she had so many unanswered questions about what happened to her dad. While Kayla answered many of Millie’s questions she also reached out to established charities for support for Millie. However, waiting lists were long and there was nowhere to take Millie to be around other children that she could talk with about how she was feeling……………

How Kayla founded Andy’s Angels

In February 2020 Kayla had an idea, to use her experience as a widow to help others. One day she was reflecting on her daughters grief journey after her dad had died. Kayla always looked for ways to help and support Millie in coping with her grief, it was then that she had a light bulb moment thinking about the massive impact losing a loved one has on many people all over the world.

Very soon after Kayla's initial light bulb moment, Covid-19 hit and everyone was immersed in a new world of uncertainty. Managing home schooling, a training business and a whole household of family that this virus would affect too was a challenge but the idea of helping people grieving grew and the name Andy’s Angels struck an emotional chord.

Fast forward to February 2021, still navigating her family’s boat through the Coronavirus storm, Kayla one day started playing around with a logo website to see what type of logo could be possible for a charity - 1 hour later Andy’s Angels logo and tag line was born. 😊

Having a logo made it all so real and then she really just ran with all the ideas that she had been keeping in her head for the last year. 

Trustees were chosen and an Operations team gathered together - and now we're here!